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ETB Take One Week

The first week of December saw schools across Ireland participating in the ETB Take One Week, aimed at embedding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Junior Cycle Curriculum in ETB schools. Teachers were encouraged to take one lesson and teach about one SDG.

Through our development work with teachers at Coláiste na Sceilge and coordination of the Green Schools Programme in the school, we were able to collaborate on various activities for Take One week.

The school has a screen in the auditorium area that is used to give messages and information to students and staff. We created a series of Sustainable Development Fact Slides to be played over the week. We also used the screen to display the Transition Year 2018-2019 SDG posters on various local issues aligned with some of the Goals.

[SDG 14 Sustainable Development Fact Slide]

We worked with one of the Junior Cycle science teachers, to design an SDG Scavenger Hunt, aligned to goals 4,6,7,13,14 & 15. This was an optional activity, held at lunch time, for any interested students to compete in. A series of questions were given to the teams with clues for finding the facts around the school. Questions were based around energy use, carbon-footprint, water usage, consumption of plastic, recycling and pollution. The hunt was very successful, with close to 100 students participating.

[Sample answer to the clue: Visit all the school recycling areas to get the answers to these

questions. Make sure you visit them all to find the answers to Q.7 and Q.8. Q7. What percentage of plastic bottles are recycled in Ireland?]

Finally, we arranged a fermentation demo for TY Home Economics students. Mary Concannon, a Ballymaloe graduate in Food Sustainability, came into the classes to discuss gut health and the link to a healthy gut, healthy mind (SDG 3).

[Mary's at-home food fermentation workshops. Waterville, Co Kerry cc: Rebecca White]

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