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One World One Ocean

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Re-seeding Local Knowledge - the third aspect of the pCr methodology

Re-seeding local knowledge is the third aspect of the pCr methodolgy and involves gathering and implementing local expertise and creating peer-2-peer knowledge networks, what we used to call sharing information between peers. As part of sharing the vast local expertise available in South Kerry, we asked Lucy Hunt to interview Damian Foxall, a sailor who has been involved in ten round-the-world races (with four 1st places) hailing from South Kerry.

This year, Damian was not only sailing in the Volvo Ocean Race, but was also the sustainability manager with Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing. Vestas 11th Hour Racing was the only team with a fully integrated sustainability program, which included tracking, calculation and compensation of their environmental footprints - waste, water and carbon. So who better to talk about understanding and stewardship of the ocean and considering solutions to our impact. We hope to hear more from Damian in the coming months and excited to be working with him and SeaSynergy in upcoming projects.

Damian Foxall's keynote at the Sustainability Agenda 2030 Forum in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

LH: What is your relationship / connection to the sea marine environment?

DF: Having grown up on the edge of the water in Derrynane, SW Kerry, the ocean has always been a part of my life from the first explorations along the sea shore to windsurfing, sailing and fishing and then to becoming a professional sailor.

LH: Have you had a varied marine experience?

DF: Having been involved in more than 10 Round the World races, further than to the moon and back, I have sailed through most of the world's oceans.

LH: Whats your best memory about the sea?

DF: The Southern Oceans wilderness; a place where man doesn’t belong

LH: Worst memory about the sea?

DF: I don’t retain the worst memories, the advantage of a short memory is we still go back to sea.

LH: What is the name of your team in the Volvo Ocean Race?

LH: What they are doing?

DF: Vestas – Renewable energy and 11th Hour Racing – a foundation that promotes ocean health and they want to be the most sustainable team in the race.

LH: What are their aims and why?

DF: Vestas – To promote their brand with 300 key clients around the World and 11TH HOUR RACING – to use the platform of the Volvo Ocean Race, the 2nd largest sporting platform in the world to promote Ocean Health through sustainability and sport

LH: What have you learnt from this year's race?

DF: We have an amazing opportunity to use our sport to affect change, using sailing and an iconic event like the Volvo Ocean Race to promote sustainability.

LH: What's been the biggest surprise, good or bad?

DF: Not really a surprise but the environmental issues facing us are real and urgent.

LH: What's your most optimistic thought post-race experience?

DF: We all can have a positive influence and create a shift towards a sustainable circular economy; the opportunities and solutions are even more diverse than the challenges ahead.

Watch Damian's SDG voxpop here

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