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Sharing our Work
Publications and Press 

Our prior research, CoDesRes disseminated its research and findings through a number academic and non-academic of channels including social media, local newsletters and our own newsletter, promoted through a mailing list and our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Below you can read the full report, watch a video summary or read the publications, jounral and local articles and newsletters You can also read the regular blog posts.

‘A choir is made up of many voices’: People uniting to co-design resilience actions for rural development

Video summary of the project's key findings and messages

To read EPA Research Report 409: Co-designing for Resilience in Rural Development through Peer-to-peer Learning Networks and STEAM Place-based Learning Interventions - click here.   To acess the Online Supporting Document (OSD) referenced through out the report click here

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McKeown, A. and White, R.
2021  IAMPS Proceedings
Series 22.2. Teaching –
Learning – Research

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McKeown, A. and White, R. 2021 International Journal of Cross-
Disciplinary Subjects Education


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Hunt, L. 2021 Journal of Technology and Inclusive


McKeown et al, 2020 Caherdaniel Cultural
and Natural Heritage report

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McKeown, A. 2020 Chapter
in the Routledge Handbook
of Placemaking

Conference attendance
RGS 2018 

Dr. Cara Courage, Tate Modern, Discussant
RGS conference, 2018 


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Press Features

South Kerry Advertiser
click images to view the article


Team intro 1 and May the 4th 


Waste to Taste


Our Ocean, Our Legacy


Team intro 2 and Storybank

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Iveragh Learning Landscape 2018


Christmas Grotto

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Sensing the Cummeragh Catchment


Codesres and Smartlab Skellig team


SDG 15 - Life on Land 

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