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Friends, Partners and the South Kerry Advertiser

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

We are pleased to announce a regular CoDesRes feature in the South Kerry Advertiser

Back in May, we got the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the readership with two articles, introducing the first of our team, Eleanor Turner and the project through a sample activity, [link to SKA May issue publications].

In our second issue, we introduced team member Lucy Hunt, also director of the award-winning SeaSynergy Marine Education and Awareness Centre, and our next project Storybank. Storybank will run throughout the year and launches with an exhibition and series of events in August during Heritage Week, 18th - 26th August, 2018. Storybank will be harvesting the knowledge of the past’s making and mending for a more sustainable future [link to SKA June and image of bank in situ].

The latest issue, [link to July issue in publications] spotlights an event, Sensing the Catchment we are planning with Waterville Lakes and Rivers Trust, and Waters and Communities, for Water Heritage day Sunday, 26th August, 2018

Lough Derriana, First stage in the 'Sensing the Catchment' event Image Eleanor Turner

The Cummeragh River Catchment, is the focus of a day-long tour that explores the multiple stories and perspectives, real and imagined of the physiology, geology, inhabitants and Irish mythology of the area.

The CoDesRes team; artists, marine biologists and ecologists, weave fact, fiction, history and lived experience into a journey beginning at Lough Derriana and ending at the Salt Marshes, Ballinskelligs Bay, Co. Kerry. Starting at IRD Waterville 10am, the bus tour will make four stops along the catchment; Lough Derriana, the Salmon Hatchery, a stream access point and where the river enters the sea at the salt marshes, with each stop’s activities designed to engage and develop a deeper sense of the catchment.

Since then, Willy Joe, SKA editor, has offered us a regular feature, as the magazine makes its seasonal shift from destination features to local interest articles. This opportunity is really exciting for us, as although CoDesRes is a research project, it is also about community co-design, learning and sharing with others. We hope that through our blogs, local press and content produced by our home grown media cohort to share our progress, projects and events, CoDesRes will be able to live in and learn from the world beyond the academy.

You can read the all articles in our publications section under newsletters

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